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We can cater for special events, happy occasions such as Engagements or Birthdays or sadder ones such as Funerals.

As you can see, we can also cater for more unusual events.

March 12th 2016 Fundraiser

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November 2015 A Book Launch and Film Premier

That afternoon marked the end of a number of major projects. There were the releases of three books, Numbers by Ruth Partis, Darkly Glows the City by James Apps and, Praise and Applause by Jeremy Thornton. Darkly Glows the City is set in New Zealand.

There was also the first public showing of News Flash, a short movie filmed in the Napier. Produced by Peter Apps and in a starring role was landlord Larry O'Flynn.

Regulars were invited to sample New Zealand wine and share in the buffet.

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